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Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

Updated: 11-24-2021

Prior to the beginning of each season, all coaches must sign the Code of Conduct.

Ultimately, head coaches are responsible for monitoring assistant coaches, players and parents.

Expected conduct for coaches, players and parents:

  • Do not tag Geneva Feeder Basketball on social media; send photos/details to GFB marketing director to be shared on GFB channels
  • GFB sanctioned practices must be held at the contracted facilities; all other practices outside of these facilities cannot be represented as Geneva Feeder events inclusive of wearing GFB apparel
  • Any music played during practices or games must be played at a reasonable volume and no explicit or offensive lyrics
Conduct during games:
  • Any communication with the referees is by the head coach only. Assistant coaches, players or parents should not complain to referees. Head coaches should discuss any concerns in a professional and civil manner. The head coach should address any player or parent who is arguing with the referees at the first available moment.
  • No negative communication should happen between Home team coaches and Visiting team coaches. Assistant coaches should only be interacting with their own players.
  • No theatrics on the sidelines in respect to calls made or comments made by opposing team or spectators.
  • Coaches and players should be demonstrating good sportsmanship at all times. Players should not be taunting the other team or doing celebration hand gestures after a good play. Players should not be talking trash or showboating.
  • If team has a considerable lead, coaches should make adjustments as to not embarrass their opponent:
    • Put in players who don’t get as much playing time
    • Test players at different positions or test new plays
    • Do not press (full court or half court)
    • Do not fast break
    • Do not shoot 3 pointers
    • Allow opposing team to move freely outside 3 point line
  • As a reminder, GFB policy is equal playing time through the first 3 quarters and then coach’s discretion in the 4th quarter

If there are any violations to the Code of Conduct swift action will be taken.

Consequences (for coaches, players and parents):

  • 1st occurrence – warning
  • 2nd occurrence – 1 game attendance suspension
  • 3rd occurrence – 3 game attendance suspension
  • Beyond 3rd occurrence – coach, player or parent will be suspended for the remainder of the season

* Each occurrence by a player or parent will also count towards the head coach being disciplined in that same manor, ie if an assistant coach, player or parent gets suspended, the head coach would also get suspended for that same amount of time; it is the head coach’s responsibility to request assistance from the Board if they are continuing to have issues with an assistant coach, player or parent.

Each occurrence must be documented by the head coach and communicated to the GFB Board for record within 24 hours.

Player Code of Conduct

  1. Support your teammates, on and off the court.
  2. Positive attitude, have fun.
  3. Do not argue with officials. You won't change their mind.
  4. Attend all practices and games where possible. Notify the coach in advance when possible.
  5. Family, health and school come before basketball.
  6. Hustle, always.
  7. Improve, learn. Every practice, every game.
  8. Play like you practice, practice like you play.
  9. Social time is before and after practice, not during.
  10. Desire to win, care if you lose.
  11. Aim high.
  12. Good sportsmanship.

Parent Code of Conduct

  1. Support the players and team.
  2. Be positive, enjoy the game.
  3. Respect officials. It's not easy.
  4. Arrange for players to attend all practices and games, where possible. Notify the coach in advance if possible.
  5. Discuss concerns, not complaints, with coaches in private.
  6. Respect coaches decisions. They're usually not easy.
  7. Family, health and school come before basketball.
  8. Positive encouragement at home.
  9. Display good spectatorship.